How to do KRS Online


If you experience problem with login, try to close your browser, not just the active tab. If you use an iPad/iPhone, remove the Safari app from the multitasking bar.

This will allow you to reset all previous errors that are still cached in your local browser history. If your login problem persist, please contact us directly at BAA. Thank you.

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Service Status

The registration period will end on Monday the 19th, at 16.00 WIB.

Verification Result

We will show a warning to indicate if any of the following scenarios happen:

  • You are trying to select two or more classes that overlap in their schedules
  • You are trying to register courses with a total credit that exceeds your limit this semester
  • You are trying to select a class that has already reached its maximum student count

This warning will be shown as a red-colored box, and you need to make adjustments until there are no more red boxes before you can press the Register button to submit your form.